Traveling can certainly be fun – even when it’s a business trip full of meetings, but it’s definitely better when you are prepared.

Creating checklists, and a standard list of items needed for each trip can help you be prepared for travel. I typically list out the days I will be traveling and write down what I need for each of those days, including extras I might need if I will engaging in both work and play.

It’s even more important if you are traveling out of the country, and traveling for business because you want to ensure that you have everything you need when you step off the plane. You also must be prepared for situations that arise, such as your luggage not arriving when you do. I have a friend who recently had a luggage debacle – her luggage took 25 days to arrive! Yes, it’s a true story. She was home by the time it showed up from the airlines, but what if you are traveling for business or on a strict budget? Do you have money to buy new clothing and anything else you absolutely need?

After my luggage arrived 2 days into a trip I was on many years back, I have typically included at least one full outfit in my carry on luggage should my checked bag not make it. When I was an Executive Assistant for senior leaders, I would email them a check list to ensure they had everything they needed for their business trips – especially when traveling overseas. Below is an info graphic of a few key things you should consider when traveling.

be prepared for travel

The U.S. Passports and International Travel has a great list you can refer to, as well as a downloadable PDF card you can carry with you for emergencies. The best thing you can do for you and your family – be prepared for travel!

Do you have any travel trips that have helped you prepare for travel?