The new year will be here before we know it and now is the time to start planning for ways to market to your customers. If you have a brick and mortar business some of the national days that people celebrate can be a great way to get people to visit your shop or reward them for being a loyal customer. Here are some marketing ideas for National Days January 1st – 4th!

I like to follow National Day Calendar because their site really covers the A-Z of national days from National Bloody Mary Day to National Trivia Day and more. At your shop you can set up a coffee bar offering free cupcakes on cupcake day or chocolate chip cookies on chocolate chip cookie. Partner with local places to support each other by swapping items – if you operate a salon trade coupons for services related to a certain national day with another business that would go well like a flower shop for Mother’s Day. There are so many ways you can promote your business and other local businesses to grow the small business community where you live and work!

Marketing Ideas - National Days January 1st - 4th

For the week of January 1st just look at all the national days you have the opportunity to incorporate into your marketing plan. Not to mention the national weekly and monthly observations!

Daily Observations:

January 1

January 2

January 3

January 4

Weekly Observations:

  • National Mocktail Week* – Third Week in January
  • Diet Resolution Week – First Week
  • Silent Record Week – First Week
  • Celebration of Life Week – First Week
  • New Year’s Resolutions Week – First Week
  • National Folic Acid Awareness Week – Second Week in January
  • National Pizza Week – 7 Days starting 2nd Sunday
  • Universal Letter Writing Week – Starts second Sunday every January
  • Home Office Safety and Security Week – Falls second week of January each year.
  • Cuckoo Dancing Week – Observed annually for 7 days starting on every January 11.
  • World Kiwanis Week – Third Week in January
  • Hunt for Happiness Week – Third Full Week
  • Health Weight Week – Third Full Week
  • Sugar Awareness Week – Third Work Week in January
  • No Name-Calling Week – January 21-25, 2019
  • National Activity Professionals Week – January 20-26, 2019
  • National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week – 7 Days Beginning the Third Sunday in January
  • International Snowmobile Safety and Awareness Week – January 19-27, 2019
  • National CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) Week – Celebrated the last full week in January on an annual basis.
  • Bald Eagle Appreciation Days – Saturday Jan 19 2019 – Sunday Jan 20 2019
  • National Medical Group Practice Week – Fourth Monday in January M-F of that week
  • National School Choice Week – January 20-26, 2019
  • National Handwriting Analysis Week – Week of John Hancock’s birthday on January 23
  • International Hoof Care Week – January 22-25, 2019
  • Tax Identity Theft Week – January 28 – February 1
  • National Irish Coffee Week – Fourth Week in January
  • Catholic Schools Week – January 27–February 2, 2019 (Begins the Last Sunday)
  • Meat Week – January 20 – January 27, 2019
  • National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week– January 28 – February 2, 2019

Monthly Observations:

Looking at a few of the observations above – here are some ideas you can implement into your business:

  • National Pizza Week:
    • If you have a pizza shop you can have a special pizza each day of the week whether they are pizzas you always sell and you offer them at a discount or want to create new pizza combinations that are original and fun!
    • No pizza shop? That’s okay! You can surprise your employees with a fresh pizza any day during the week and celebrate National Pizza Week with an employee luncheon!
    • Drop a few pizzas off at your local fire station and include a coupon for your business – car repair, hair cut, massage – do something special for the men and women who are always on call when you need them!
  • National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week:
    • Find a recipe for a delicious fresh squeezed juice and have some available for your clients when they come in for an appointment. Have printed copies of the recipe so they can try it at home!
    • Own a juice shop? Come up with your own recipe and have a special available during the week or even a free small glass.
  • National Hot Tea Month:
    • There are so many options for hot tea. My friends own a salon and they sell Aveda tea. They always have it available for clients when they come in. The customers love the aromatic blend of licorice root and peppermint. You can order the Aveda Comforting tea bags via their website along with other Aveda products.
    • If you have a restaurant offer a special tea blend each day or week so your customers have something different every time they come in. Ask customers to vote and add the one with the most votes to your menu.

There are so many ways you can change things up in your business to increase your exposure and ultimately increase your sales. The ideas above don’t take a lot of time and money to plan and execute, but the little touch of care means a lot to customers.

Have an online business and don’t know how you can incorporate these ideas? No worries – include a coupon in your order for a national pizza chain, add a printed recipe for fresh squeezed juice to your package, or include a tea bag of your favorite tea. When doing any of these things, include a little note explaining it’s National Fresh Squeeze Juice Week and you would like to share one of your favorite recipes. A small gesture goes a long way!

What ideas have you implemented to market your business in a different way?